October 15, 2009

UPDATE // Britney Spears' "3" Music Video Shoot: Exclusive Photos Released!

I am very VERY pleased to see that BritneySpears.com has finally leaked some photos of the shoot for Britney's "3" music video!

Choreography for the video is being handled by Rich & Tone, who have worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher and Madonna.

Directing by Diane Martell, though based on these images, I am a little nervous about how sexy this video is going to be. I am slightly confused because I can't see her stomach in these, and I know this girl doesn't even go to Target without baring it...and what is with those bangs up top? Please stick with whatever wig she's got going on in the bottom pic.

I would not expect to see a vignette-style video where Britney plays several characters (a la Toxic and Womanizer). I was not impressed by Circus and Radar, so let's hope this production comes out a little better than those.

Oh the anticipation is killing me!

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