December 2, 2009


Happy 28th Birthday to Britney Spears! I wish she was having a birthday party in New York again this year...oh well. Here is a picture of some crap made by fans that was posted on

November 3, 2009

New Hot Video for "3"!

The first time I viewed the video, I have to admit I was underwhelmed; but upon viewing for the second time, the video grew on me a little bit. The video is a departure from Britney's usual style, a la Toxic and Womanizer, but I think it delivers some satisfying images nonetheless. I especially like the railing dance in the white unitard, though slightly reminiscent of Beyonce's Single Ladies, I still love it!

October 22, 2009

FLASHBACK // Girl...Woman...We Don't Care

At this age, Britney Spears may not have been a girl or a woman, but whatever she was we were loving it. Okay, you may not love this song, and that may have something to do with the way it was used in that movie Crossroads.

BUT this is a highly underrated music video. It may not feature an up-tempo, heart-thumping beat or shots of Britney making out with some hunky guy, but she looks unbelievable in this one...and not to mention, so does the scenery. If you've never seen this one before, then you're in for a treat, so enjoy!

October 21, 2009

Britney's Mexican Getaway with Jason Trawick and the Kids

Britney Spears was spotted vacationing in Mexico with her agent (and boyfriend) Jason Trawick. They just look like a happy little family here, don't they?
I give this my blessing. Britney needs a stable man in her life to care for her and the kids. Britney's mother, Lynn, has called Jason "marriage material." Just don't jump into anything too quickly, Brit. We know how that has worked out in the past!

October 20, 2009

Toxic is Sexiest Music Video of All Time

Britney Spears' Toxic music video is named the Sexiest Music Video of All Time by London publication, Telegraph! Shot in 2004, with director Joseph Kahn (director also behind Stronger and Womanizer videos), this video features Britney dressed as a variety of highly sexualized characters and contains the iconic imagery of Britney wearing nothing but diamonds.

I'm kind of surprised that Slave 4 U didn't get the #1 spot, but perhaps that one is just too provocative for a newspaper ranking.

October 15, 2009

FLASHBACK // Slave 4 U Video

I have always been a fan of giving the people what they want.

Two things that every fan of Britney Spears wants: a) having Britney Spears as their personal slave, and b) the next best thing, watching her sing about it.

Regarded by most as her finest piece of work to date, this treasured gem of the past needs no further introduction. I view this video at least once a week to remind myself of how amazing Britney can be, and so should you. (Volume optional.)

UPDATE // Britney Spears' "3" Music Video Shoot: Exclusive Photos Released!

I am very VERY pleased to see that has finally leaked some photos of the shoot for Britney's "3" music video!

Choreography for the video is being handled by Rich & Tone, who have worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher and Madonna.

Directing by Diane Martell, though based on these images, I am a little nervous about how sexy this video is going to be. I am slightly confused because I can't see her stomach in these, and I know this girl doesn't even go to Target without baring it...and what is with those bangs up top? Please stick with whatever wig she's got going on in the bottom pic.

I would not expect to see a vignette-style video where Britney plays several characters (a la Toxic and Womanizer). I was not impressed by Circus and Radar, so let's hope this production comes out a little better than those.

Oh the anticipation is killing me!

October 14, 2009

UPDATE // "3" is Number 1!

Britney Spears' song "3" will debut in the #1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100, making Britney the first artist in over three years to accomplish such a feat.

"3" is Spears' third song to debut at #1; her first was "...Baby One More Time" (1999) and her second was "Womanizer" (2008).

Congratulations, Brit!

FLASHBACK // Only One Year Ago

This past Saturday was the one year anniversary of the release of Britney's music video for Womanizer.

I remember exactly how it felt to see her put out another racy video with the same director behind the Toxic music video. After disappointing productions for Gimme More and Piece of Me, the video for Womanizer was the first sure sign that Britney was indeed back, for real. Enjoy...

October 7, 2009

UPDATE // Get Ready for "3" Video

Just as suspected, Britney is using her break from the Circus tour wisely...

Her website confirmed yesterday that she is shooting a music video for her new single "3".

Everyone knows that a new Britney song is irrelevant and just plain boring until there is a video, and this up-tempo dance beat is sure to produce a good one...I cannot wait to see what she puts together!

September 25, 2009

UPDATE // Making and Breaking Records

Brit Brit now holds a new world record for being the youngest female artist to have five albums to reach #1 on the music charts. And here I though we all just liked looking at her...I guessing listening works too. Last year Britney Spears was named the most searched person on the internet. You never cease to amaze me, Brit. Each day I google your name it is a beautiful and educational experience. Thank you.

FLASHBACK // Pop Royalty Shares the Stage...Where's Madonna??

In this gem of a clip, pop music royalty, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson, shared the stage at his 30th Anniversary Celebration in Madison Square Garden in 2001.

Okay, so Britney's barely singing or dancing...she mainly struts back and forth around the stage, and even sometimes shifts her weight from hip to hip, but that is precisely what makes Ms. Spears so special. She just shows up to Michael Jackson's party, puts a disconnected microphone in her hand and walks back and forth on a stage, and people just can't get enough!

September 24, 2009

UPDATE // 3's a Charm!

Well, we knew that Britney Spears was due to release a new Singles Collection album in November, but Britney's team has just announced that this album will now feature at least one brand NEW track called 3!

This brands new track is due to hit radio waves this coming Tuesday (September 29)! Now I know what busy Britney must have been doing in LA during her most recent break from touring this past August. She recorded this track with producer Max Martin, the mastermind behind her legendary hit, Baby One More Time. I can't wait to hear what Britney, Max, and her machines have put together this time!

The Circus tour hits Vegas' Mandalay Bay this weekend, and then Britney gets a few weeks off before heading to Australia. I hope she uses that time off to film a video for the new single!

FLASHBACK // 10 Years of Glory

This is an unbelievable megamix of Brit's greatest hits and video clips over the past 10 years. From Baby One More Time to Toxic to Womanizer. Oh baby, baby, it's Britney, Bitch...enjoy!

September 21, 2009

UPDATE // One of the "75 Best People in the World"

Britney was named one of Esquire's 75 Best People in the World!  
The criteria?  They say:
"This is a list of men and women who, by virtue of skill or character, make us happy — happy that they're among us, happy that they do what they do, happy that they're successful. Each of them possesses exceptional talent, of course, but each also satisfies two special requirements: Would we like to have a drink with this person? And would we trust this person with our puppy?"   

Based on this description, it is no wonder that Brit got a nod.  I don't know if I would trust her with my puppy, but I would definitely want to have a drink with her.  In moderation, she'd be a really fun drunk to party with.  

So many of us are happy she does what she does and that she is so successful at it.  As a performer, she is doing what she was born to do.  Everyone is rooting for you to be happy and successful, Brit, we just love to watch you do what you do best!

September 19, 2009

UPDATE // Britney Does Dallas

Britney's Circus Tour stopped in Dallas yesterday, and it appears that she was donning a new, slightly shorter, hairdo (wig).  Perhaps she is trying out new looks for the big 3D taping in Vegas?  Could it be possible that this is short do is actually made of her REAL hair?  Well, real or fake, I'm lovin' it...Work it, Brit!

September 17, 2009

UPDATE // What Happens in Vegas...! has revealed that not only does Britney plan to film her tour stop at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on September 26 and 27...BUTTT that the filming will most likely be done in 3-D!!!!  

It is still unknown whether the footage will be released in theaters or somehow else.  When the Jonas Brothers tried this it was a bust, but something tells me that anything involving Britney Spears in 3-D is a guaranteed success.  I'll be the first on line for the show, each day.

FLASHBACK // Sometimes a Girls Just Needs One

Watch Britney Spears get nasty! with Pharrell and Austin Powers in this hot vid. I think the curly hairdo/wig actually suits her here.

This song is a part of the Circus tour setlist, so apparently Britney likes it just as much as we do. I truly appreciate the choreographed dancing she partakes in towards the end of the video 'cause she just isn't dancing like that these days!

Unfortunately, a lot of the moving around she does on stage is done while her dancers wheel her around on a rolling pedestal or cage. I guess that's how she preserves energy on such a grueling schedule!

September 16, 2009

UPDATE // Brit's Latest Video Released!

This is very exciting news as Britney's latest video is now available for purchase on iTunes. However, before you get your panties all in a bunch, know that some things, even those Britney-related, are too good to be true. The video for Kill The Lights is animated, so if a caricature of Britney doesn't do it for ya, then just keep on scrollin'...

The animation is based on a storyline created by one lucky winning fan. The idea was to have Britney being chased throughout outer space by the paparazzi. I say, any idea that doesn't involve the real Britney, in the flesh, is a bad one.

Buy on iTunes or watch here for free:

FLASHBACK // Overprotected and Underrated

I guess this song never really made it big, and as a result neither did the video. But ohh what a shame, since the video for Overprotected (Remix) is one that should not be overlooked.

It's hard to play favorites in this one, but if forced, I would have to say it begins right around the 2:55 mark. What's your favorite part?

September 15, 2009

FLASHBACK // When MTV Ruled and Girls Watched Football

In honor of the recent kickoff of the 2009-10 NFL football season, today's FLASHBACK brings us back to the Superbowl XXXV Halftime Show in 2001. Back when MTV ran the show, the halftime show was the only reason I tuned in to the superbowl, especially when it involved Britney Spears.

0:43...Enter Britney
1:23...Britney and Justin walking and singing together in perfect harmony...Ahhh the good old days :)

UPDATE // Brit Fakes Audition to Seduce a Model?

Of course, Brit's team is denying, but reports say that she faked an audition for a music video to get a one-on-one meeting with Ford model Bekim Trenova. She chose him while flipping through some modeling agency catalogues.

He showed up for the "audition" surprised to see no cameras, just Britney; though apparently Bekim found the scene "weird" and made an excuse to get out of there.

This story can't possibly be true--who could refuse a personal invitation to date Britney Spears, from Britney herself?! Trenova is 6 feet tall, 24 years old...glad to see the cougar in you coming out, Brit!

September 14, 2009

FLASHBACK // The Joy of TV circa 2001

Why doesn't Pepsi crank out some more of these fine commercials for us? It's either because of these tough economic times, or because Pepsi just doesn't want the face of its product to be Britney Spears anymore. I like to think it's the former.

Somebody else seems to have asked the same question on YAHOO! Answers. Notable responses include:
"because they caught her drinkin coke,"
because "Britney Spears scares little children," and
"maybe because she got FAT and pepsi is embarrassed"

Well, I disagree with all the above, but either way, Pepsi has never since been so "joy"ful. After watching this clip, perhaps Coca Cola will be interested in picking up where they left off...

UPDATE // Happy 4th Birthday Sean Preston!

Well today is September 14, 2009, which means the MTV VMAs have come and gone, and Sean Preston Federline has, almost miraculously, made it all the way to four years old!

Remember when Britney thought it was a good idea to drive around LA with him on her lap (above), or when she nearly drops him onto a concrete floor (also above). I am glad he made it all the way into the final shot, where they enjoy a safe and uneventful carriage ride in New York City in August 2009.

September 13, 2009

UPDATE // Britney Wins Best Pop Video for Womanizer!

I am sad because Brit did NOT make an appearance at tonight's VMAs, but she did manage to snag a moonman for her Womanizer video, so for that I am happy! She and her circus costume-clad dancers sent in a video acceptance speech...almost as good as the real thing.

I know you are very busy spreading the joy of the circus around the country, so you're off the hook this year. Next stop Oklahoma!

FLASHBACK // VMA Countdown 4 of 4 - THE END

Britney Spears was no virgin in 2003, but it's still fun to watch her sing about being touched like one. If you want to fast forward to the good stuff, hit the 3:40 mark ASAP. Otherwise, watch as the royal princesses of pop dominate the stage, but you may want to hit the mute button as Madonna's Hollywood is the song of choice.

15 minutes to showtime!

UPDATE // Happy Birthday Jayden James!

I deeply apologize for being 30 minutes late on this one, but it's been a long day...

Happy Birthday to Jayden James! He is 3, and Sean Preston turns 4 on Monday.

I guess it's officially been 4 years since Brit made a turn for the worse. Now they are a happy family, but isn't 3 a little old for a pacifier??

September 12, 2009

FLASHBACK // VMA Countdown 3 of 4

One day to go until the MTV Video Music Awards, and as promised, here is your third FLASHBACK to one of Britney Spears' greatest performances. Watch in awe as a body-glittered, snake-clad, pre-tater-tot Britney parades around the stage. She once admitted in an interview being terrified of dancing with the snake, so I would just like to thank you Brit for abandoning your fears for our viewing pleasure...enjoy!

September 11, 2009

UPDATE // Are You Sure You Want a Piece of Me?

This just in, Lindsay Lohan admits that she has always admired the career of Britney Spears and that she aspires to be like, what girl born circa 1985-ish didn't feel that way?

LiLo said, "I think I always kind of aspired to be like Britney Spears. I wanted to be in the tabloids when I was in middle school." I guess that explains the transition from actress to singer and from firecrotch to blond firecrotch. Sorry Linds, but Brit looks much MUCH better as a blond, and there's only room for one artificially, machine-created voice in the industry.

Brit's a healthy mother of two now, and the presence of hot-mess-Lilo won't do her any good. Please admire from a safe distance like the rest of us...thank you!

FLASHBACK // VMA Countdown 2 of 4

If you're following the countdown, then you should know what year is next and that you should probably take a safe and secure seat before pushing play on this one.

Thankfully the world did not implode in 2000 because as a result, many of us were fortunate enough to have witnessed this. Who knew the performance of the millennium would occur in its first year?!

September 10, 2009

UPDATE // Circus Stats

Thanks to for this lovely photo, a shot of Britney's performance of Breathe On Me in Chi-town last night.
Spears' website also unleashed some "mindblowing" statistics about the Circus tour, some of which I would like to share:

35 Number of trucks used to transport stage and tour materials
300,000 Weight (in pounds) of the production
1,200 Meals prepared for the touring crew and local staff per day
30 # in millions of $$ it costs to run The Circus production
360 Total # of tour costumes
9 Number of Britney's costume changes during each show
100,000+ # of authentic Swarovski crystals hand placed on costumes

And last but not least:
#1 Grossing tour of 2009 to date
Most searched person
Selling female artist of the past decade

We don't need numbers to realize how amazing you are, Brit but damn girl!

FLASHBACK // VMA Countdown 1 of 4

In honor of the approaching 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (this Sunday, September 13!), the next 4 flashback posts will take you back to Britney Spears' best VMA performances.

This first clip is from her very first of several glorious performances at the MTV VMAs, which was in 1999!

This year Brit is nominated for 7 awards, so let's hope that she will be present right here in New York City this Sunday to accept some trophies and dare I say...sing for us?! I can't promise I won't be staked out in a van outside somewhere with binoculars.

September 9, 2009

UPDATE // Got You On My...Gaydar?

Unfortunately, the only newsworthy update I could find today does not involve a picture or a video of Britney Spears, but I still thought it should be, ummm, on your radar.

It's a clever parody of Britney's song and music video for Radar called Gaydar, by La Coacha, and well since I can't resist temptation, I'll post Britney's version of the video right underneath for good measure.

What do you think?



FLASHBACK // Not a Girl, Not Yet Craaaazy

I always thought Ellen Degeneres was smart, but in this clip she exhibits mere genius. Scroll to the 5 minute mark when Ellen gets her interviewee, a 22-year-old, at-peak-condition Britney Spears, to lie down on the floor next to her. Ohhh boy, what I would pay to be Ellen in this moment.

I post this treasure of the past with two objectives in mind: 1. jawdropping entertainment, and 2. the hope that Britney will tune in and follow her own workout instructions!

And why does her hair look soo much better back then than now?? Brit should really give her old hair extension stylist a call ASAP! The hair situation should seem like a breeze to fix after shedding all of that cheeto/baby weight.

September 8, 2009

UPDATE // Turn the Mic On

It is with great pleasure that I announce that not only was Britney's mic turned on this weekend at the Greensboro, NC stop of her Circus tour, but Brit Brit actually used it to sing a whole song, a cover of Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know. This is the first time on the Circus tour that Brit has actually sung a song live, I just wish she could have graced us with those vocal chords in New York City two weeks ago. Way to go Brit, keep makin it hot!

Please enjoy below the vocal stylings of our girl and an equally entertaining view of her bootay. God, is that you?! Love itttt...

September 7, 2009

UPDATE // Circus Fantasy Perfume Available for Pre-Order...FINALLY!!!!

We are pleased to announce that Britney's latest fragrance, Circus Fantasy, is now available for pre-order (click the title of this post!) Seems like she is really milking this whole Circus theme to no end - you go girl!

I must say though, as much as I would pay for a chance to stake out in the bushes of your home with a set of high-powered binoculars, I wouldn't pay the $50 or so to smell like this. Sorry Brit, I still love you and support everything you do!

FLASHBACK // Denim Never Looked This Good

Let's all please just pause and take a moment to sit and reflect on a simpler time, a time when teeny boppers ruled the world, well they still do, but when they used to look much MUCH hotter while doing it...A time when Disney may have paved the way to success for these adolescent hotties (i.e., Mickey Mouse Club) but knew when it was time to take a seat on the sidelines and just watch in awe as these precocious superstars rocked all of our worlds, wearing less than appropriate clothing.

This was a time when the unstoppable force that was Britney Spears was going steady with (not sleeping with, of course) *NSYNC's Justin Timberlake, and the world felt like a safe and happy place to live in. This was a time when it was okay, and in fact, attractive, for the prince and princess of pop music to wear matching outfits made entirely out of denim. If this picture does not make you shed a tear, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

I hate you Miley. You and Nick NEVER looked this good.