March 1, 2010

Britney is Blonde Again!

Britney must have been inspired by the wigs she wore in her recent Candies photo shoot, because she booked an "emergency" hair appointment at a salon in LA last week, and later left that salon as a blonde!

I love that she is constantly keeping us on her toes by sporting a different hairdo every single time we see her! Meanwhile some things about old Brit Brit never change, like her long-lasting love affair with starbucks beverages and a stubborn detestation for wearing a bra.
I am glad to see that Brit appears to be in good spirits and her body is in the best shape it has been in years. With a new album potentially coming out this summer, she looks like she is ready to start filming some brand new music videos!

February 22, 2010

Britney Is Still Working!

Look's like Brit Brit is still managing to earn a paycheck, despite her inability to sing or dance. Gosh, I love this girl! And the fools at Candie's also seem to have found wigs that suit her pretty well, though I would argue that a bikini was not the best costume decision given the stomach situation. It's not 1999 anymore and you're not that innocent. Check out for more info and mediocre pics.

January 29, 2010

Britney's In Miami Bittttch

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards are taking place in LA this Sunday, and the princess of pop has just landed in Miami, FL. While I am glad to see Britney and Jason getting along and taking romantic weekend trips together, my happiness only remains as long as he gets her back home in time for the big show! I will once again be gravely disappointed not to see Britney Spears at yet another award show. Sadly, I am starting to get used to this feeling : (

Brit Brit is only nominated for one award this year ("Womanizer" for Best Dance Recording), and I happen to think that Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" should win it.

See the rest of this year's GRAMMY nominees here!

January 21, 2010

Britney Staying at the Mondrian Hotel Penthouse Suite, Imitating Family Guy's Stewie and Acting Crazyyy...Again

I am sad sad sad to report that Britney's behavior these days is frightening...again.

After being on the road for her Circus tour for almost a year, Brit is having some trouble (to say the least) getting settled in at home in LA. It seems that hearing her father's conservatorship would be extended, rather than ended, has set off some odd behavior reminiscent of Britney's dark post-partum days circa 2006-2007.

She has moved into the penthouse suite of LA's Mondrian hotel, only minutes away from her own home. Sources say she been watching DVD box sets of the Family Guy TV series, and she has grown a strange liking for baby Stewie, which has become evident as she wanders around the hotel imitating him, insisting only on speaking in a british accent (quite an odd departure, considering her usual southern twang). Poor Brit Brit, never had a real adolescence, or college experience, if only I could tell her that I am free to show her the ropes and do things like get high and watch Family Guy any time she wants.

Britney has also dyed her hair black AGAIN, and some reports are even saying that she had extensions put in, then ripped them out, and then wanted to have them redone. At least she is using the gym at the hotel, but she is also taking advantage of room service and allowing others to "chase after her kids" while they run around with the flu and she has no medication for them. Where is K-Fed in all this?

Meanwhile, Britney's beau, Jason Trawick, was recently seen at the Roger Room in LA with a young hot blond girl, who sources say looked like Britney did 10 years ago. Potential cheating rumors are not making things any easier for our girl. She just needs some stability in her life for once!

While these facts may provide some good comedy for some, I am actually really scared for Britney. Please don't hurt yourself or your babies, we love you too much : (

And if you're bored and in the LA area then stop by the Mondrian Hotel and maybe you'll find Britney speaking like a Brit.

December 2, 2009


Happy 28th Birthday to Britney Spears! I wish she was having a birthday party in New York again this year...oh well. Here is a picture of some crap made by fans that was posted on

November 3, 2009

New Hot Video for "3"!

The first time I viewed the video, I have to admit I was underwhelmed; but upon viewing for the second time, the video grew on me a little bit. The video is a departure from Britney's usual style, a la Toxic and Womanizer, but I think it delivers some satisfying images nonetheless. I especially like the railing dance in the white unitard, though slightly reminiscent of Beyonce's Single Ladies, I still love it!

October 22, 2009

FLASHBACK // Girl...Woman...We Don't Care

At this age, Britney Spears may not have been a girl or a woman, but whatever she was we were loving it. Okay, you may not love this song, and that may have something to do with the way it was used in that movie Crossroads.

BUT this is a highly underrated music video. It may not feature an up-tempo, heart-thumping beat or shots of Britney making out with some hunky guy, but she looks unbelievable in this one...and not to mention, so does the scenery. If you've never seen this one before, then you're in for a treat, so enjoy!

October 21, 2009

Britney's Mexican Getaway with Jason Trawick and the Kids

Britney Spears was spotted vacationing in Mexico with her agent (and boyfriend) Jason Trawick. They just look like a happy little family here, don't they?
I give this my blessing. Britney needs a stable man in her life to care for her and the kids. Britney's mother, Lynn, has called Jason "marriage material." Just don't jump into anything too quickly, Brit. We know how that has worked out in the past!

October 20, 2009

Toxic is Sexiest Music Video of All Time

Britney Spears' Toxic music video is named the Sexiest Music Video of All Time by London publication, Telegraph! Shot in 2004, with director Joseph Kahn (director also behind Stronger and Womanizer videos), this video features Britney dressed as a variety of highly sexualized characters and contains the iconic imagery of Britney wearing nothing but diamonds.

I'm kind of surprised that Slave 4 U didn't get the #1 spot, but perhaps that one is just too provocative for a newspaper ranking.

October 15, 2009

FLASHBACK // Slave 4 U Video

I have always been a fan of giving the people what they want.

Two things that every fan of Britney Spears wants: a) having Britney Spears as their personal slave, and b) the next best thing, watching her sing about it.

Regarded by most as her finest piece of work to date, this treasured gem of the past needs no further introduction. I view this video at least once a week to remind myself of how amazing Britney can be, and so should you. (Volume optional.)

UPDATE // Britney Spears' "3" Music Video Shoot: Exclusive Photos Released!

I am very VERY pleased to see that has finally leaked some photos of the shoot for Britney's "3" music video!

Choreography for the video is being handled by Rich & Tone, who have worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher and Madonna.

Directing by Diane Martell, though based on these images, I am a little nervous about how sexy this video is going to be. I am slightly confused because I can't see her stomach in these, and I know this girl doesn't even go to Target without baring it...and what is with those bangs up top? Please stick with whatever wig she's got going on in the bottom pic.

I would not expect to see a vignette-style video where Britney plays several characters (a la Toxic and Womanizer). I was not impressed by Circus and Radar, so let's hope this production comes out a little better than those.

Oh the anticipation is killing me!

October 14, 2009

UPDATE // "3" is Number 1!

Britney Spears' song "3" will debut in the #1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100, making Britney the first artist in over three years to accomplish such a feat.

"3" is Spears' third song to debut at #1; her first was "...Baby One More Time" (1999) and her second was "Womanizer" (2008).

Congratulations, Brit!